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27 June 2004

The tiniest of slips

One Myron Tereshchuk (could there possibly be two Myron Tereshchuks?) has entered a guilty plea to a charge of attempted extortion. He had run a service which produces extracts of patent and trademark registrations for the legal profession; the service ran afoul of the Feds for some reason or another, and Tereshchuk decided that it was the fault of MicroPatent LLC, a competitor of his.

Using other people's unsecured wireless networks, Tereshchuk broke into MicroPatent's network and sent threats to its management, culminating with a demand for $17 million in exchange for not broadcasting MicroPatent's proprietary information all over the Internet. And it might have worked, had not the demand ended with the following instruction:

[M]ake the check payable to Myron Tereshchuk.

The FBI, which had suspected the guy earlier, paid a visit to his house and found evidence nearly as incriminating, plus raw materials for grenades and ricin. Boom lowered, perp arrested.

Sentencing is scheduled for late October.

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One Myron Tereshchuk (could there possibly be two Myron Tereshchuks?)

Surely not. There surely must be, however, more than a couple of "Terry" Tereshchuks.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:11 AM on 27 June 2004