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27 June 2004

Motley ecru

Aggressive people, says a British insurance company, tend to drive black cars, which, in the UK anyway, crash more often than cars of other, um, colours.

The Churchill Company's analysis shows the following, in descending order of crash likelihood:

[D]rivers who like black see themselves as rebels. Silvers are cool and aloof; greens are prone to hysterics; and yellow are idealistic lovers of novelty. People who favor blue are introspective and cautious; grey calm, sober and dedicated with tendencies to slip out of personality; red energetic and quick-thinking; pink gentle and loving; white status-seeking extroverts and cream self-contained and in control.

My car, it says right here on the sticker, is painted Mojave Beige.

Now get the hell out of my way.


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Posted at 9:28 PM to Driver's Seat

Would you *please* get that beige car over here?!! Also, I lost your land line number, only have the cell and you never answer it.

Posted by: wamprat at 12:28 AM on 28 June 2004

I have noticed that through-out Europe "greens are prone to hysterics". Which makes it scary when they keep capturing seats in various Parliaments.

A Modest Proposal: take that European Parliament, re-name it the European Funkadelic, see if it improves their behavior.

Posted by: The Proprietor at 5:58 AM on 28 June 2004


My first car for eleven years was a black Pontiac Lemans.

My second car was silver, third green, fourth and present, silver.

I am rebellious, cool, aloof and hysterical.

I only had the hysterical vehicle for three years. Mostly I am rebellious and cool :)

Posted by: Vickie at 6:02 AM on 28 June 2004

Lordy -- if they'd seen the one and only white car I've ever owned...

Being known throughout the land as "the guy in the rusty old Dodge" isn't the kind of status most men seek. In fact I did my best to avoid attracting attention while driving it.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:18 AM on 28 June 2004

My first car was a sort of blue-green hybrid that otherwise existed only in some sub-Earl Scheib parallel universe. The Mrs objected to it on aesthetic grounds, and we acquired a cautious blue Chevy sedan for family hauling, while I took over her coupe de grace in Arrest Me Red, which I retained long after the divorce.

My last two cars were a nifty (and probably at one time repainted) hunter green and the aforementioned Beige Bomber; I have given no thought to a replacement for the latter.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:25 PM on 28 June 2004