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30 June 2004

One step sideways, two steps back

I knew something was dreadfully wrong at when I called up the site map and none of the links worked.

And where the hell is Hibbard?

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Note the new address for Tropiary, Robb Hibbard's blog. Redesign, or new CMS, or something, has caused an evil pall to fall over NewsOK, and I guess Robb's blog is collateral damage. As a web guy, I certainly understand the......[read more]

Nice to be remembered. For now, my link is the executioner's face -- well-hidden (what is up with all these "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" references with me lately? Sorry).

The URL and the look of the blog have changed. Things are kind of busy right now (you didn't think I got paid exclusively to blog, did you?).

I'll lobby the proper authorities for a more prominent link in the near future, but there's so much other stuff that's higher priority right now that I feel guilty indulging in the sort of egomania characterized by the request.

Not that I'm not an egomaniac, mind you.

Anyway, for those who care (and enjoy redundancy), the link:

The link to the entertainment page:

I appreciate the concern and everyone who reads the blog. I'll be back updating it soon after things cool down a bit.

Posted by: Robb Hibbard at 9:35 PM on 30 June 2004

Relative to your vent: Justin had the ACL surgery almost three years ago, remember? He popped it during the football game, and I couldn't believe he was able to be walking around without screaming pain. But the ortho guy told us that unless you plan on leading a life of high activity (e.g. sports, etc,) people sometimes opt not to have the surgery.

Rehab was fairly quick, but he was 18 at the time, too.

Posted by: Vickie at 5:29 AM on 1 July 2004

For those just tuning in, the Vent reference is to this.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:27 AM on 1 July 2004

And I have to believe that the final decision at the Black Tower was made by someone who said, "You know, that new design at Fox News is really sharp."

Posted by: CGHill at 7:29 AM on 1 July 2004