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2 July 2004

Tulsatown rebellion

The Midwest Prisoner is not overly fond of the townspeople around him:

[T]he average Tulsan is slightly to the right of Heinrich Himmler and willing to burn them at the stake if they donít agree with the white, fundamental Christian line.

I'd like to hear Bruce's take on this before I go any further.

Posted at 7:28 AM to Soonerland

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For such a right-wing area, Tulsa seems to have an overabundance of its residents operating left-wing blogs.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:57 AM on 2 July 2004

McG.. misery loves compnay and such.. but think about it? We need some way of communicating with the world that we know is out there but we seldom see in our daily lives.

I have mixed feelings about Tulsa.. I'll post something when I have the time to put together my thoughts on the subject. But in short.. its not such a bad place, too many churches, too many bigots, too many of the best people leave for better opportunities but still lots of nice people.

Posted by: bruce at 1:35 PM on 2 July 2004

That's some sophisticated rhetoric. The average Tulsan - not the occasional moonbat - the average Tulsan is a Nazi who is willing to burn people alive for disagreeing with him/her.

The hysteria of leftist rhetoric these days is really hurting their cause. Who's going to listen to someone with absolutely no qualms about throwing rhetorical A-bombs at every opportunity? Not me. This is just another in long series of leftist echo chamber rantings that will convince no one and help nothing.

PJ O'Rourke has a great piece in this summer's double issue of The Atlantic about moonbattery and the echo-chamber effect in the right-wing media. It doesn't matter if you're left or right, hysteria and hyperbole don't help your cause. It just seems louder from the left lately.

Posted by: Dan at 4:56 PM on 2 July 2004

please dan, isnt it a little late for people to start talking about the "hysterical left" as if the right has had a monopoly on moonbattery for the last decade?

two words... "black helicopters".

But when hyperbole gets you listened too... ?

Posted by: bruce at 2:33 AM on 3 July 2004

b - Hyperbole might get you heard, but never listened to.

Posted by: Dan at 7:55 AM on 3 July 2004

Nobody has a monopoly on moonbatry. The only thing that changes is which side's bestiary gets more attention. These days, though, the Left's moonbats are even poaching on their counterparts' turf. Fluoridated water, anyone?

Posted by: McGehee at 2:34 PM on 4 July 2004