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2 July 2004

Every day I have to cry some

So sang Arthur Alexander, and if he were like most guys I know, he didn't particularly want you to bear witness to the event — though he wasn't in quite the same amount of denial as, say, Dee Clark:

There must be a cloud in my head
Rain keeps falling from my eye-ye
Oh no they can't be teardrops
For a man ain't supposed to cry

So it must be raindrops. I've counted the tears a few times myself over the years, but seldom did I actually want to be seen crying: the less evidence, the better.

And maybe this is also true of Blossom Dearie, whose "Inside a Silent Tear" is bothering the heck out of Ian at Banana Oil this week.

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I like Blossom Dearie, even if she has chosen the life of an expat in Paris. She sings to a part of me, regardless of the nonsense of the words.


Posted by: Rich at 8:24 PM on 3 July 2004