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8 July 2004

Entering the Dave Zone

So what's it like to run into the likes of me?

Something like this.

(Personal to V.: He's sane, but he's not obsessive about it.)

Posted at 10:27 PM to World Tour '04

Please don't scare my friend, Dave. He's a nice boy. He ain't ever hurt nobody.

I 've read thru your track of invisisble women. All I have to say is...Man, I thought I was bad with Superman. Best of luck to you, Charles!

Posted by: Sam at 11:38 PM on 8 July 2004

Pictures! Woot!

One of these days I'll take a drive around Montana. Too bad I have to go through the Dakotas to get there from here.

Posted by: Erica at 2:43 AM on 9 July 2004

Geez, and I was so looking forward to driving through the Dakotas. :)

(Actually, it might be almost restful.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:48 AM on 9 July 2004