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12 July 2004

Thanks, I'll eat it here

Two words: Famous Dave's.

Although to avoid situations like this, I directed all my remarks to a large, burly gentleman.

(There's one in Tulsa now. Surely it's just a matter of time....)

Posted at 7:40 PM to World Tour '04

There are three in Georgia, all requiring that I pass through the Gates of Hell -- er, I mean, Atlanta -- to reach them.

I'll take Smokey Bones, which is just across the railroad tracks that are just across the county line in Peachtree City.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:44 AM on 13 July 2004

There's one in Rogers, AR too. Not bad, though Penguin Ed's here in Fayetteville is still my favorite.

Posted by: rita at 9:05 AM on 13 July 2004

There are actually 2 FDs within "reasonable" driving distance (depends on hunger level) in NJ. Since the Southern House BBQ in Point Pleasant has burned down (rumor has it a new hot sauce experiment went awry) I will have to give them a try.

Posted by: The Proprietor at 10:27 AM on 13 July 2004

Mmmm... Famous Dave's... :9

Posted by: Erica at 3:56 AM on 18 July 2004