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17 July 2004

Surrounded by youngsters

Which is an improvement over last night's hotel room, which was perfectly nice except for its utter lack of air conditioning: it would work for half an hour or so, and then trip the circuit breaker, which prompted a call to the front desk, who dispatched someone to look at the system, after which it would work for half an hour or so, and — well, you get the idea. This wouldn't have been an issue, perhaps, except that the room opened out into the pool area, which means that humidity seemed to be somewhere in the 140-percent range. Nice place, but a tad disorganized; I will look elsewhere next time I need a room in this part of the world.

And for the next night or two, I'm crashing at my daughter's place; during this time, I will look over some of her more outrageous wedding plans, observe my son's band (which practices in her garage) in action, and reacquaint myself with the grandchildren. (As the saying goes, had I known how much fun the grandkids would be, I'd have had them first.)

The crack in the windshield has turned slightly northward, which may or may not mean it's going to stop creeping toward the driver's side. At any rate, I'm not going to have it looked at here; I would be most annoyed if I replaced the windshield and then caught some stray gravel during the last few miles home.

Did I mention my son has a band? Minus their vocalist, who's out with some unspecified ailment, they're making some serious semi-metallic noises as I type. (I don't think they're quite ready to be compared with Metallica or anything, but then they've never sued a download service either.) And it's eerily quiet when they stop.

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Outrageous? At least you know about it. I'd hate to be the parents of a girl I knew who took her pet iguana out to Las Vegas, got drunk, and got married to some guy by an Elvis impersonator.

Posted by: sya at 7:08 PM on 17 July 2004

Very smart decision to delay repairs in the windshield as you can be sure it will receive more hits from pebbles once you get into the heart of Oklahoma. Anyone traveling through Oklahoma might as well add the expense of windshield repairs to their travel budget.

Posted by: Babs at 9:14 AM on 18 July 2004