The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 July 2004

Now in Gippervision!

Dawn Eden writes to Film Forum:

Would you ever give serious consideration to a Ronald Reagan film festival, or would you instantly laugh away the very idea of it?

I admit up front that I've seen fewer than a third of Reagan's fifty-odd film appearances, but I'm inclined to think there's enough good stuff to justify a retrospective. Certainly The Girl from Jones Beach, with its pre-Stepford eye on Perfect Womanhood, is relevant today; in Cattle Queen of Montana, Reagan holds his own against the formidable Barbara Stanwyck; and Kings Row demonstrated once and for all that he could play leads that were something other than just affable.

And yes, there are some stinkers in the bunch, but Bedtime for Bonzo isn't one of them.

Eureka College, Reagan's alma mater, scheduled just such a festival this past May. I wonder which films they chose.

(Update, 21 July, 10:25 am: Film Forum responds.)

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