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21 July 2004

Hot air

Is your electric utility a "public nuisance"?

If you live in California, Connecticut, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont or Wisconsin, your state's Attorney General evidently thinks so; those states and the City of New York have joined together to file a public-nuisance lawsuit against five major power companies, demanding that they cut carbon-dioxide emissions in the interest of curbing global warming.

The utilities — AEP, Southern Company, Xcel, Cinergy, and the Federally-operated TVA — are said in the suit to produce about ten percent of the nation's CO2 output.

According to the suit, those emissions can be reduced by increasing efficiency at coal-burning plants, switching from coal to cleaner-burning fuels, investing in energy conservation and using clean energy sources such as wind and solar power. Some of this is even true, though the "cleaner-burning fuels" business is a canard. How much carbon dioxide is produced from a fuel is solely a function of how much carbon it contains in the first place; anything else along for the ride has no effect on CO2.

If the suit should fail, the next step is obvious. Humans exhale carbon dioxide with every single breath, yet have no emission controls whatsoever. So far.

Posted at 8:17 AM to Dyssynergy

Next steps:
1. Win lawsuit!
2. Energy prices increase!
3. Complain to governing body about rate increases!

Posted by: Dan at 10:57 AM on 21 July 2004

Those damn utility companies! They don't have enough energy capacity to meet peak load usages and they release massive pollutants to boot! Those selfish bastards, they only think of themselves and their... Just a minute, I've got to lower the thermostat a bit because the clothes dryer is heating things up in here.

Where was I? Oh yeah. We, I mean they, have to do something about this!

Posted by: Mike at 11:45 AM on 21 July 2004

I don't know how these various Attorney Generals got into office, but it would behoove the electorate to boot their leftist butts out to the street.

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 9:42 PM on 21 July 2004

I do not live in one of those states, but I do have Xcel Energy as my Provider of Electricity and thus I feel compelled to be indignant on Wisconsin's behalf. Even though that's a dumb ass law suit.

Posted by: Erica at 1:48 AM on 22 July 2004