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22 July 2004

Going up

Richard Tanenbaum wants you to live downtown.

Seriously. A year ago, he bought the mostly-vacant Montgomery Ward building at Main and Walker, a classic Art Deco structure on the National Register of Historic Places, and started the process of turning it into "The Montgomery," featuring about five dozen upscale apartments with a restaurant and a gallery downstairs.

This spring, Tanenbaum bought the former Citizens Tower at 21st and Classen; this week, the Oklahoma City Council approved rezoning the Tower, which will be renamed "The Classen" and divided into about 100 condos in the $130k range. It's not actually downtown, but it's very close — two miles to the business district, two and a half to Bricktown — and the view, says Tanenbaum, should be spectacular.

The plan for The Classen varies somewhat from initial speculation, which called for fewer but larger residences. Tanenbaum expects to have units for sale by next spring.

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Isn't 21st where uptown starts?

Posted by: Dan at 1:27 PM on 22 July 2004

I don't think there's a formal boundary. To me, the northern limit of downtown is 13th, based on the fact that 14th marks the beginning of Heritage Hills, but there's plenty of room for argument here.

In fact, I'm still wrestling with the concept of the MidCity, which, as described by the MidCity Advocate circulated therein, runs Reno to 63rd, Kelley to Portland. (63rd makes sense, since it's the southern border of Nichols Hills, nominal home of Friday, but I suspect that the eastern boundary was set at Kelley to make sure that Bricktown was included in the circulation area.)

Posted by: CGHill at 1:45 PM on 22 July 2004