The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

24 July 2004

Turn around, look at us

There's a nifty new stone marker at the northwest entrance to my neighborhood, at the northern end of the narrow park that separates it from five lanes of May Avenue. I don't know whether this little bit of braggadocio will bring any additional visibility to our little strip of the city, but it definitely does look cool.

And speaking of additional visibility, the Asian district is about to get some identifying signage of its own: street signs along Classen from 24th to 35th will add references to the district, and the overhead signs at 23rd, 30th and 36th will add a yet-to-be-designed district logo.

What these two installations have in common is the amount of city funding involved: zero. Over on my street, the Neighborhood Association paid for the new marker; residents and merchants in the Asian District are covering the costs of the street signs.

This may seem like a trivial sort of thing, but I'm persuaded that getting people to live and shop in the central city is easier if you're willing to brag about it a little.

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