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24 July 2004

Half a million served

At just before 12:13 this afternoon, this site recorded its 500,000th visitor, from an SBC IP ( apparently in north Texas. Scarily enough, 'twas someone who has it bookmarked.

Five months and four days for the last hundred thousand. This won't impress anyone on the A- or B-lists, who can score that many in mere hours, but down here amongst the more modest life forms, it borders on Actual Accomplishment.

As always, I thank all of you who have helped to run up that otherwise-meaningless number.

(Update, 9:40 pm: For a more meaningful number, see The Spoons Experience, which reached 500,000 today.)

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Congratulations. I would say that is quite an accomplishment.

Posted by: Babs at 8:22 PM on 24 July 2004

I agree. Congrats, Charles, and don't forget to look at the quality side of the meter: this is one of the better blogs out there.

Posted by: Craig Ceely at 2:03 PM on 25 July 2004

I alone contribued, gosh, at least several score of that last 100K - so I accept your gratitude on behalf of all of your faithful readers.


Posted by: David at 8:17 PM on 25 July 2004