The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 July 2004

Sweetness and light

If you were expecting any such in the race for Don Nickles' Senate seat, you might want to think again.

Both Brad Carson and Tom Coburn have represented the Second District in the house. Carson's first volley questioned Coburn's concern for his constituents:

The question is: What did he do for the district? The answer is nothing.

We've gotten millions for roads, millions for jobs, millions for methamphetamine [enforcement] and we're close to having a solution for Tar Creek. He did nothing for roads, nothing for jobs, nothing for Tar Creek and nothing for methamphetamines. He did nothing for his district, nothing for the state.

(Source here.)

Tom Coburn has argued that Brad Carson is a lot farther to the left than his campaign material claims, and Coburn's Web site has now put up a chart with the title Who Really Represents Our Oklahoma Values?

This is going to get nasty, I have a feeling.

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