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29 July 2004

I dream of genius

Well, actually, I don't; I figure whatever brilliance I have or can acquire will be offset somewhere else, inevitably to my embarrassment. And while I suspect I could qualify for Mensa, I don't have any real desire to do so; even if I am so damned smart, I make a point of not being impressed by being so, and as Dynamo Dave points out, the goals of the organization itself seem a trifle murky:

What, exactly, would a "non-political" society look like? No dissent? No political debate? No public discourse? And that bit about "no religious disinctions" — in what sense? Everyone believes the same thing/s? No religion at all? And "no racial distinctions" — seems to me that a certain führer had the same goal. What on earth does this statement mean? sounds either like some sort of drug-induced hippie-dream from 1968, or a plank from the National Socialist Party circa 1933.

Or John Lennon, circa 1971. "Imagine there's no heaven...."

In my humble estimation, the organization proved itself most useful when it lent its name, probably involuntarily, to a middle-80s Playboy pictorial titled "The Women of Mensa," which reminded me (as though I needed reminding) that high IQ and drop-dead gorgeousness are not at all incompatible.

The existence of babes at this level of majorness, however, is not sufficient inducement for me to take the Mensa entrance exam.

Posted at 5:36 PM to Almost Yogurt

Good for you, Charles. Genius doesn't require a union card. Geniuses know one another by much more direct means. Ask any of us.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:50 PM on 29 July 2004

"Mensa" is Mexican slang for "Female Moron" ("Menso" being the male version.)

Charles, I can state definitively that you are neither a female nor a moron.

Posted by: Dan at 6:08 PM on 29 July 2004

Mensa and the like are nothing more than a bunch of very good test-takers patting themselves on the back. I'd look elsewhere if I wanted to find genius.

Posted by: sya at 8:51 PM on 29 July 2004