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5 August 2004

Hit me with your best series of shots

On 31 July, a Barbados sheep was euthanized at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near Glen Rose, Texas; it had tested positive for rabies.

Which means that the children who visited Fossil Rim's petting zoo during late July were exposed to the disease. Sheep don't bite very often, but licking the face or an open wound is quite enough to pass on the infection.

The Children's Animal Center at Fossil Rim will be closed for 90 days; you can read the official announcement here [requires Adobe Reader].

Posted at 9:45 PM to Dyssynergy

Dammit. I hope none of the sheep in ReedPoint during the Annual Running Of The Sheep are rabid.

Although, if you think about, the very term "rabid sheep" does have a certain element of whimsical fright to it, yes?

Posted by: David at 10:02 AM on 7 August 2004

One more blow to the nation's restaurant business! Lamb Chops come off the menu.

Watch for the next announcement: Damn Ram Disease.

On the other hand, chalk one up for the stuffed animal industry: Rabies Babies!

Posted by: PlanoTx at 10:40 AM on 8 August 2004

Comment #2:

I checked out the Fossil Rim announcement. As indicated here, it is an Adobe Acrobat document. The document has two links in it, one to, the other to TDH.

The problem with Adobe documents is that links show as links, but don't connect to anything and that the standard 'Copy' to get a link into a browser address box does not copy. Arrgghhh.

Posted by: PlanoTx at 10:54 AM on 8 August 2004

It's possible to copy text from an Adobe document, but it's a clunky process, to say the least.

The Texas Department of Health link is here; the link to Fossil Rim is here.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:05 AM on 8 August 2004

A tale of a sheep and a goose:

The sheep tale is Fossil Rim's announcement, from their web site:

"Cybil, a Barbados sheep who resided in the Children’s Animal Center between July10-30, after showing signs of a neurological disease, was later diagnosed with rabies. If you visited the Center during this time, the Texas Department of Health (TDH) recommends you contact your medical doctor or call the TDH zoonosis control office in Arlington at 817-264-4920. For more information, visit "

The goose tale:

If Fossil Rim put the sheep into the petting zoo AFTER it was showing signs of a neurological disease, then its goose is cooked. It's a lawyer's field day!

Posted by: PlanoTx at 11:09 AM on 8 August 2004