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9 August 2004

Questionable joints

Later this week I will trudge across town for my first meeting with an orthopedic surgeon, who will review the results of my recent MRI (not good) and will make recommendations for treatment (not cheap).

Interestingly, I have been in somewhat less pain in recent months, which I attribute to an increase in sunshine, an increase in the diversity of my movements — going to work and working in the yard affect the knees differently — and, for all I know, divine intervention. (Not that it would occur to me to cry O Lord, take this burden from me; I always assumed He had more important things to do.)

By the end of the week, I'll know more.

Posted at 7:52 AM to General Disinterest

Hey. We will be thinking of you. Keep up the exercise. A relative recently had a hip replacement and spent the preceeding four months doing water exercises. Said relative was is such good shape for the surgery that the recovery period was drastically reduced and the therapists were amazed.

Posted by: punctilious at 11:13 PM on 9 August 2004

Well Charles, good luck and it won't be to outrageous yet, you are still considered too young for replacement. Join the club and learn to creatively curse to help distract some of the pain. Most likely though it is just a tear or such in the cartlidge which is fixed with minor surgery. Who have they sent you to see?
Best of luck.

Posted by: anstranger at 7:28 PM on 13 August 2004