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16 August 2004

Where the rubber meets the road

Hanah Metchis at Reason discloses that while India gets lots of condoms from the First World, what with AIDS and humongous population growth and all, not all of them are being used in accordance with the label instructions:

Of the 891 million condoms meant to be handed out free, a considerable proportion were acquired by road-building contractors who mixed them with concrete and tar and used the mixture to construct roads, rendering road surfaces smooth and resistant to cracks.

It would never work in Oklahoma; we're used to our roads being ribbed for extra, um, whatever.

(Title swiped from Shannon Love)

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"Where the Rubber meets the road?"


Posted by: bleedingbrain at 2:44 AM on 18 August 2004

India: Safest Highways in the World

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