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19 August 2004

That was then - this is coming

Tulsa author S. E. Hinton, who's scarcely been heard from since Taming the Star Runner sixteen years ago, finally has a new novel coming out, and this time it's not aimed at young readers.

Hawkes Harbor, published by New York-based TOR Books, is due 15 September.

Hinton's The Outsiders, published in 1967 while she was still a student at Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, is the best-selling young-adult novel of all time.

Posted at 4:15 PM to Almost Yogurt

Wow. I might check it out simply due to the amazing hold her adolescent books had on me waaaaaay back when. And wouldja believe that kids still read them? Sassy (12 y/o, mind you) read The Outsiders about four or five months ago.

Posted by: David at 11:11 PM on 19 August 2004