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19 August 2004

A uniform approach

Jeff Quinton, the Backcountry Conservative, is compiling a list of bloggers who are serving or have served in the US military, and I rather suspect there are a lot more of us out there.

If you're just tuning in, well, I'm not inclined to go scan my DD 214 just now, but I did serve in the Army from 1972 through 1975, with three years of mostly-inactive Reserve time ending in 1978. (If anyone cares, I trained as a 71B — clerk-typist — but wound up in the then-new MOS of 75C: personnel management specialist. Yes, friends, I was geeky even in fatigues.)

If you blog and you'd like to be on the list, send Jeff Quinton (who was in the S.C. Army National Guard) a Trackback to his post.

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Michelle Malkin points to a table put together by E.J. Perkins of (a Marine Corps vet) of political and media figures that points out who served (and didn't serve) in the military and when. Other information regarding the branch......[read more]

Thank you for your service, darling.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of competent military administration. When I was getting my divorce, a military admin guy was the one who warned me to change the beneficiary of my SGLI, just in case the old man was thinking about bumping me off. God love him (the admin guy, not my ex).

Posted by: Juliette at 12:54 PM on 20 August 2004