The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 August 2004

A small sampling

Michael Blowhard reports from the marketplace:

Women in gourmet food stores are far more likely than men to help themselves to food-goodies as they shop.

I'm inclined to believe it's just as true at more mundane markets; last Wednesday at the neighborhood store, I was in the checkout line behind a woman who had bought a $1.29 bag of chips and had finished off roughly half of them during the five-aisle trip to the register.

She was profusely apologetic, though the clerk seemed more amused than horrified, and I tossed in a remark to the effect that "If they're that good, I should have bought some of them instead of [holding up bag] this."

More often, though, it's half-empty 20-ounce beverage bottles.

(Update, 21 August, 8 pm: Syaffolee says: "The problem, in my mind, is the reason [Blowhard and yours truly] think women do this. It is not about a woman's attitude toward food. It's about control.")

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