The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 August 2004

Close enough for jazz

My knowledge of jazz is something less than encyclopedic; I'm not even necessarily prepared to state that I know it when I hear it. Still, there is a smattering of jazz on my shelf from a variety of periods — okay, there's a lot of Charlie Parker, mainly because I discovered Bird when I was very young — and it's been accumulated without much regard to whether Dan Morgenstern would be appalled at my lack of taste.

Mark Anderson, the American Sentimentalist, recommends "Go with what feels good to you":

By ignoring "accepted" tastes and failing to listen to critics, coupled with a willingness to try anything once, any dedicated music listener can develop a collection of favorites in no time.

Which is true of other musical genres as well, to be sure. In the meantime, here's Anderson's Top 20 plus five, and he makes a good case for putting any of them on your music shelf — or mine.

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