The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 August 2004

Where the heck are my drugs?

The envelope said:

Here's $20 to try a pharmacy that's not closing... not changing names... not changing management.

Walgreens, never noted (in this market, anyway) for its reticence, sent me this in the mail with one of those conditional-purpose checks for $20, presuming that it could lure me away from The Drug Chain Formerly Known As Eckerd's, whose stores here will presumably be changing to CVS.

This is very much in keeping with Walgreens' "In your face, Eckerd" marketing plans: it seems that every new Walgreens store in this area is located as close as possible to an Eckerd's. In my neighborhood, you can find Walgreens at 5120 North May; Eckerd is at 4805. Near where I used to live, Eckerd has a store at SE 15th and Air Depot; Walgreens bought a dormant branch-bank location across the street and built a new store.

What's really neat about this sort-of-check, though, is that it doesn't apply to prescription co-pays; you have to fill a prescription and then buy $20 worth of nonprescription stuff to get the credit.

Posted at 10:47 AM to Dyssynergy

We were just talking about Walgreen's 'in your face' building practices this morning. There's a new W's going up DIRECTLY ACROSS the street from CVS on Route 10.

Posted by: Vickie at 11:41 AM on 21 August 2004

They are no doubt feeling the pinch from mail in prescriptions. Many of us have greatly reduced (or even no) coverage if we walk into a drug store to fill a prescription. I personally have an annual deductible which must be met that I can get around alltogether by simply mailing things in. So I do :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:53 AM on 21 August 2004

I got one of those checks last year from Eckerd's and it was a disaster. When I went to pick up my prescription, they informed me they don't carry that particular medicine (the prescription had been there 2 days, but they hadn't called me). It was nearly closing time, but they sent me to another Eckerd which, presumably, carried the drug. I drove over there in a hurry, only to learn they don't carry it either. It was a Saturday, so I was without the drug for Sunday because of this error, yet they refused to honor the $20.00 check!!! ARgh!

By the way, Walgreen's is building in the former Beverly's place, just across from Eckerd! Suprise, Suprise.

Posted by: The Happy Homemaker at 7:59 PM on 21 August 2004

But of course. The Walgreens flyer also pointed me towards their store at 23rd and May; there's an Eckerd's two blocks west, at Drexel. It's uncanny.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:09 PM on 21 August 2004