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26 August 2004

Fears on trial (part two)

The first part is here.

Daniel Fears goes to trial on the 13th of September, and his defense team, from a firm which unabashedly promotes itself as specializing in "press-intensive" cases, will most likely try to demonstrate that young Mr Fears is utterly lacking in mens rea. Local prosecutors will have less razzle-dazzle at their disposal, which in a Court TV world might put them at some sort of disadvantage; however, I have to wonder just how much a jury of small-town Oklahomans is likely to be impressed by a passel of city slickers from Tulsa. Even as the population of the state gradually shifts toward the cities, the rural/urban disconnect remains very real, and it could conceivably work against the defense.

Maybe. We shall see.

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Here, Here! Well said. RN

Posted by: Roger Nix at 8:31 AM on 27 August 2004