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5 September 2004

Twice the pain

I expect that posting will be a bit more sporadic in the next few days; I am not technically bedridden, but it's close enough. Over the past two days, not one, but two infections have befallen me, and while one is relatively minor, the other is a candidate for surgery.

This will, of course, play hell with my scheduled knee operation, which I expect will be postponed. In the meantime, I'm awash in antibiotics, which at this level have a generally-negative effect on what higher brain functions I have left.

Posted at 9:02 AM to General Disinterest

Egads . . will be thinking about you!

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:13 AM on 5 September 2004

"the other is a candidate for surgery."

Huh?? What's going on?

Posted by: Vickie at 11:14 AM on 5 September 2004

:( ouch. Feel better, soon.

Posted by: Deb at 12:48 PM on 5 September 2004

We'll pray for you. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.

Posted by: Dan & Angi at 2:36 PM on 5 September 2004