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9 September 2004

Vaguely Onionesque

This guy has a future, albeit fuzzy:

When 20 year old Eric James started blogging from his mother's basement he had high expectations. Since he first began nearly three months ago he has been blogging with steadfast regularity in hopes of sharing his views, opinions, and writing with others. "I wanted everyone to see my blog and think, that's really cool," James said. But after blogging for three months, the uncomfortable reality that no one cares about what he writes on his web page is setting in. "You put your heart and soul into something, and you think it's worthwhile. I guess it just goes to show that you can't expect people to spend their time reading about the things that you yourself may find interesting as an individual," says James. "I just want to make the world a better place."

The three month old site, entitled Pessimism, has yet to accumulate more than 500 page hits, the majority of which come from James' friends whom he regularly reminds to visit the site. James makes sure to keep the 'comment' feature open to anyone who visits the site, yet claims to have received only 2 comments from people he does not know. He has received no emails regarding his page.

I will add only that apparently he has since moved out of his mother's basement and into an environment a tad less hospitable.

Posted at 8:20 AM to Blogorrhea

what is this? i know this guy and am wondering how you are able to do this without his permission.

Posted by: dan heys at 5:02 PM on 9 September 2004

err... nevermind

Posted by: dan heys at 5:05 PM on 9 September 2004

Geez, Charles -- how did you stumble across this guy? And Dan Heys -- I'm puzzled by your remark.

All in all, a very puzzling post.

Posted by: David at 11:38 PM on 9 September 2004

I gotta say I appreciate you taking interest in my writing, and posting a lil' sumpn' sumpn'of mine up on your nice blog you've had goin' on here for EIGHT YEARS ('Founded 9 April 1996'). Thanks. And thanks again for saying that I have a fuzzy future.

I can only hope to match to your longevity.

But what is all this 'a very puzzling post' talk from your buddy David? I don't like it.

I would like to link to your site......just thought I would let you know so maybe you could return the favor. I would like to see 'Eric James' listed under the 'Inspirations' section.

Oh, and don't mind Dan Heys.

Posted by: daytondamn at 4:39 AM on 10 September 2004

Take it easy, offense intended - just curious about Dan Heys remarks.

Good luck with your site.

Posted by: David at 6:26 AM on 10 September 2004

As to how I find these guys, this is a practical application of good ol' BlogSnob. Someone jumped from Pessimism to here, it showed up in the referrer log, I took a look, and you know the rest.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:19 AM on 10 September 2004