The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

11 September 2004

What happened while I was out

A quick pass through the 'sphere to see what I missed, and apparently it was quite a lot:

  • A movement may be cranking up to recall Tulsa Mayor Bill LaFortune.

  • Nearly 18 percent of homes in South Carolina are "manufactured housing," formerly known as "mobile homes," formerly known as "trailers."

  • A few people, not a lot, were actually crass enough to whoop and holler during the June 5 A Prairie Home Companion when host Garrison Keillor announced the death of Ronald Reagan. (Keillor himself had only kind words for the Gipper, though this was well before the avuncular Minnesotan suffered an apparent meltdown.)

  • I'm pretty sure that when I was an Army personnel clerk, I had a Times New Roman, or at least Times Roman, typeball for the Selectric I was issued. On the other hand, I don't remember it as being a proportional font, which suggests to me that IBM reworked the typeface just enough to fit it into fixed width; certainly my typewriter wasn't capable of handling proportional fonts.

  • Aaron Hawkins of died this week.

I've got to quit being sick.

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