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18 September 2004

Saturday spottings (on time)

Construction has begun, it appears — I saw no signage, but the location and the size match up — on the Embassy Suites hotel on the eastern edge of Bricktown, which is supposed to open in January 2006, and which will give owner John Q. Hammons three of the five major hotels in downtown Oklahoma City. (Hammons also owns the Renaissance and the Courtyard by Marriott; the other two are the Westin — scheduled to morph into a Sheraton — and the not-yet-reborn Hilton Skirvin.)

Meanwhile, Harkins Theatres says its new 16-screen motion-picture showplace will open on the first of October. I've got my doubts, but I figure they'll do their darnedest, especially since the Centennial Fountain near the entrance is now up and running.

I saw quite a few new Bush/Cheney yard signs today, though no new signs for Kerry/Edwards. On the other hand, Kerry stickers seem to outnumber Bush stickers, at least on the cars that were in front of me. Whether this reflects anything other than what the local parties were able to hand out this past week remains to be seen.

A billboard on the south side: YES ON 712 / Education and Jobs. State Question 712 [link requires Adobe Reader] is the State-Tribal Gaming Act, which provides the following:

The Act contains a Model Tribal Gaming Compact. Indian tribes that agree to the Compact can use new types of gaming machines. These machines are used for gambling. Compacting tribes could also offer some card games.

If at least four Indian tribes enter into the Compact, three State licensed racetracks could use the same electronic gaming machines.

The Act limits the number of gaming machines racetracks can use. The Act does not limit the number of machines that Indian tribes can use.

The State Horse Racing Commission would regulate machine gaming at racetracks. A tribal agency would regulate authorized gaming by a tribe. The Office of State Finance would monitor authorized tribal gambling.

Proceeds from authorized gaming at racetracks go to:

  1. the racetrack;
  2. the owners of winning horses,
  3. horsemen's organizations,
  4. breed organizations, and
  5. the State to be used for educational purposes.

Some of the proceeds from authorized gaming by Indian tribes goes to the State. The State would use these proceeds for educational purposes and compulsive gambling programs.

Pitching this as an "education and jobs" measure, I believe, is highly dubious.

And just a little bit of Mitsubitching to the fellow in the dingy white Diamante: if you're going to have dual fart-can exhausts, you might consider actually fastening them to the car rather than have them dangling a few inches above the pavement.

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Oh, but the sparks that fly when he goes over a bump -- that's so coooool!

Posted by: McGehee at 8:54 AM on 19 September 2004

Unfortunately, we were on one of the less-horrid streets in town (Pennsylvania north of NW 122nd), and I had a turnoff to make, so I didn't get to see the sparkly results.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:42 AM on 19 September 2004