The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 September 2004

Calling all wordsmiths

New York's Algonquin Hotel, hoping to restore its reputation as a gathering place for the literati, has reopened its Oak Room with a brand-new Round Table.

Like the original Round Table around which the likes of Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley traded quips, the new Table is rectangular, and there's an ancient Underwood typewriter on hand in case of inspiration — though there's also a Wi-Fi hotspot, should the inspired be ready to upload on a moment's notice.

Among those attending the opening of the new Round Table were Nat Benchley, grandson of Robert; Kevin Fitzpatrick, president of the Dorothy Parker Society of New York; and Anthony Adams, son of FPA (Franklin Pierce Adams).

I wonder if Dawn Eden will be dropping by for the occasional luncheon.

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