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23 September 2004

King Leer

Roger Ebert was, and is, quite unapologetic about having written the screenplay for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, so you can be sure that the one commentary on the death of Russ Meyer that I wanted to read was Roger Ebert's farewell in the Chicago Sun-Times.

I've seen only a smattering of Meyer's oeuvre, but what I've seen is fascinating; yes, these are skin flicks in the classic sense, but in these skin flicks the women hold all the cards, control all the scenes.

And anyway, you gotta love a director (he deserved, but probably would have shunned, the term "auteur") who, upon being asked where he found all these implausibly bosomy actresses, explained that beyond a certain cup size, they find him.

Posted at 4:05 PM to Almost Yogurt

Pretty good obit. Many of us don't do as well with our lives.


Posted by: Rich at 12:08 AM on 24 September 2004