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24 September 2004

Affecting the disaffected

Mike Clingman of the state Election Board says that more than 31,000 voter registrations have been received in the last two months, and projects that there may be as 80,000 more by the second of November.

His explanation? "The 2000 election taught people that every vote counts." What's more, the 2004 election features, in addition to the Presidential race, a statewide Senate race and a collection of hot-button state questions.

Of those 31,000, 55 percent registered as Republicans, though Democrats still have a numerical majority: as of the end of August, 2.03 million voters were registered in Oklahoma, 52 percent of them Democrats, 37 percent Republicans.

Posted at 7:34 AM to Soonerland

I live in Kansas. I registered Republican so I could vote *against* the more-fundamentalist Republican candidate in the primary.

I don't know if you have to register in OK to vote in primary elections.

But ever since I had to declare party affiliation in Kansas (in order to vote for anything other than [something like] school board commissioner), I've questioned the relevance of party registration numbers.

Posted by: cj at 8:14 PM on 27 September 2004

As well as their accuracy.

Posted by: unimpressed at 3:38 PM on 28 September 2004