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24 September 2004

They said so

"Who says so?"

"You know. They say so."

"And who are They?"

[We pause here to allow surly grammarians to pop a Xanax.]

"They" is the Missouri inventor formerly known as Andrew Wilson, who last week was granted permission by a circuit judge to change his name to simply "They."

They is 43, lives near Branson, and holds more than a dozen patents; They's latest product is Shades Eyewear, sunglasses with an integral visor, which should make They a lot of money.

(Via Fark)

Posted at 8:00 AM to Almost Yogurt

It's like Who's on First...

Posted by: judy at 9:27 AM on 24 September 2004

I don't know. (Third base.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:37 AM on 24 September 2004

Today is the pitcher and Tommorrow the catcher.

Posted by: anstranger at 12:29 AM on 25 September 2004