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24 September 2004

Ol' liberal Brad

We've already examined just how liberal Brad Carson is, and the answer is "Not very"; certainly he's to the left of the average House Republican, but he's quite a bit to the right of the average House Democrat.

Meanwhile, Bruce has caught a Tom Coburn ad that apparently says otherwise:

I just saw an ad from Tom Coburn that accuses Brad Carson of being a Liberal... not just any liberal... more liberal than even Hillary!

If you've bothered to read any of the actual roll call votes that they list in the paper you KNOW... you know, that this claim is total and complete bullshit. Carson votes very often with the Republicans. He has to to make it in Oklahoma politics. But, we can always expect the GOP to roll out the tired ol' "liberal" tactic, even on a guy like Carson, who while liberal on certain issues is to the right of many who are actually IN the Republican party.

Of course, it would be difficult to be farther to the right than Tom Coburn: beyond his point on the political map there are notations of "Unknown" and "Here there be dragons."

And I haven't seen this particular spot, but if this is the best they can do, they deserve to lose this seat.

Posted at 4:10 PM to Soonerland

The ad in question is here:

Paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and approved by the Coburn for Senate campaign. Note the footnotes that appear during the ad.

Ratings from Congressional Quarterly, which is a scrupulously non-partisan source, indicate that Brad Carson has voted against President Bush's positions more often than Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. I'd link to it, but CQ doesn't make its content publicly accessible.

Here's a comparison on Coburn's website between himself and Carson on several issues.

No disrespect intended to Bruce, but I'm not sure someone who names his blog "This Is Class Warfare" would hold a mainstream view of what constitutes a liberal.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 8:56 PM on 24 September 2004

I read Coburn's table earlier; it was accurate enough, though like all such comparisons it assumes that the issues of interest are the very issues mentioned.

As for John Kerry, well, he votes for them before he votes against them. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:00 PM on 24 September 2004

Carson votes different than Bush, Clinton and Kerry? I'm starting to like the guy.

Posted by: Mike at 1:58 AM on 25 September 2004