The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

28 September 2004

Sprawl for one, and one for sprawl

It was probably inevitable: someone has come up with a study which purports to show that urban sprawl is a health issue, that people who live in the 'burbs are susceptible to varying illnesses because, well, they drive everywhere, befouling the air and depriving themselves of the joys of walking all over the place.

The proponents admit that they weren't able to find any increase in mental illness in suburbia, and they seem almost disappointed about it. But considering the folks who move out there in the first place — they tend to have higher incomes, to distrust city school systems, and worst of all, to be white — it's pretty clear what the real problem is: the suburbs are a breeding ground for Republicans, and obviously this sort of thing must be discouraged by any means necessary.

(Via Jeff Jarvis, who notes: "Yesterday's 'sprawl' is today's 'preservation' project.")

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