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30 September 2004

Nobody expects the Spanish disestablishment

The Roman Catholic Church holds a "privileged position in society," says Spain's Socialist government, which has decided to take steps to reduce its influence, to cut state funding to the church and to remove crucifixes from government buildings.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has announced ambitious plans to turn Spain into more of a secular society by simplifying divorce laws, liberalizing abortion laws and sanctioning same-sex marriage.

But maybe "secular" isn't the right word, since Zapatero is also seeking greater rapprochement with Islam, which may include the teaching of Islam in Spanish schools and some funding of mosques. Which suggests that Zapatero has learned one thing from contemporary American politics: that "secular," a word which used to be neutral, is now often as not a synonym for "anti-Christian."

(Via The Penitent Blogger)

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What's Arabic for "re-reconquista"?

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