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1 October 2004

Number eight

The Romans used to consider October the eighth month, hence the name, and I think it fits better into the No. 8 slot, if only because it banishes February to dead last where it belongs, and I rather like the idea of the year beginning with a hint of spring instead of with a blast of winter.

But as the tenth month, October still has a role to play, splitting the difference between the last vestiges of summer and the first signs of winter. In Oklahoma, it's cool, except when it's warm, and it's damp, except when it's dry, which suggests that most years it's hard to get a grip on October. This year, I'm even less sure what to expect; May, a similarly transitional month, was exceptionally dry, but summer wound up mostly cool and wet and May-like. Cool and wet isn't great for my arthritis — and no, I've not been taking Vioxx — but I suppose I'd rather have it now than in the middle of January.

On average, the first freeze in the city shows up around the 4th of November, which is still a way off. But there's about an eight-week range: in one year — 1952 — the first freeze was October 7. (In 1998, the first freeze held off until December 8.) At least things aren't going to be dull, unless of course they are.

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Charles, I wish you 'd remind us on the blog every time you post a new Vent, because I enjoy reading them. But I forget to check periodically.

Posted by: Dan & Angi at 8:38 AM on 1 October 2004

Man, you hit the nail right on the head, unless of course you completely missed it. (methinks you listened tooo closely to the Kerry portion of the debate)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 9:21 AM on 1 October 2004

Dan & Angi: If your browser shows the links as having changed color once followed, just watch for that particular link to revert back to the original color. Voila! There's your notice.

Hey, that's how *I* know there's a new one.

Posted by: unimpressed at 9:36 AM on 1 October 2004


You have discovered a new job opportunity for Senator Kerry. Oklahoma weatherman!

A man for all seasons and as changable as the weather in Oklahoma.

Posted by: DULL at 10:51 AM on 1 October 2004

There's a new Vent approximately every eight days; sometimes they're sufficiently embarrassing that I don't want them mentioned on the front page. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:56 AM on 1 October 2004