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3 October 2004

Format d:

By my reckoning, that's the third scariest thing you can type from the command line. (Second, of course, is format c:, while the scariest of all is fdisk, which, unless you know what you're doing, will indeed f your disk.)

Anyway, I had a bizarre failure around cluster number 13,900 on that logical drive: everything ground to a halt when reaching it. I found no virus or spyware, so I moved off everything I could, dropped to DOS — you remember DOS, don't you? — and reformatted the drive. To my surprise, the reformat turned up no bad sectors, so I have to assume that whatever files were in that cluster were so badly corrupted that nothing this side of Steve Gibson was going to read them.

I lost, by my count, three files, and two were restored from copies elsewhere, so I lost a total of one file and two hours. I'm thinking, though, that it's probably time to start pricing a new drive, maybe even a new machine for the desktop.

Posted at 4:09 PM to General Disinterest

Charles....It's a GREAT time to be looking for hard drives! I just ordered this Western Digital deal: a 250MB 7200RPM Hard Drive for $157.00 and 99 cent FedEx shipping from ...........They also have a WD 80GB for $57.00 and a Maxtor 120GB for $75.00....I am putting three drives in my desktop and will soon be fixed for a awhile.

Posted by: Mike at 8:23 PM on 3 October 2004

Mike: I *hope* that instead of 250MB, you meant GB. If not, I've got some drives to sell you!

Posted by: wamprat at 11:12 PM on 3 October 2004

DOS! I remember DOS! I miss it. fdisk is your friend, occasionally. :o)

Posted by: Deb at 4:07 AM on 4 October 2004

Ahh, I love a CLI. Makes me feel so smart.

I like to leave a couple of terminal windows open on my Mac just to counteract the disdainful stares of passing Windows geeks.

My favorite DOS command is attrib *.* -r /s

Posted by: Dan at 2:44 PM on 4 October 2004

Mmm... how about a 10000RPM WD 74GB Raptor? Or get 2 of them and run 'em in a Raid 0? :-D

Posted by: Aniwarp at 5:48 PM on 4 October 2004