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5 October 2004

Crapheads in the sky

After discovering that it would cost over $700 to fly from Tulsa to Springfield, Illinois and back, the OkiePundit has had it up to here with the airlines:

In the last 20 years the airlines have done more to kill the economic development potential of cities like Tulsa and Oklahoma City than have even our legislators. By going to the hub system and reducing competition through consolidation they have made air travel more difficult for those of us in non-hub America. When corporate executives have to fly in to Oklahoma on incredibly uncomfortable propeller jets it becomes very difficult to persuade them to relocate their business here.

We're a little better off at this end of the turnpike — to the Illinois capital and back can be swung here for a smidgen under $300 — but my regard for the hub system, never all that substantial, completely evaporated when they told me once upon a time that I'd have to change planes in Houston to fly to Philadelphia. (And actually, that price can be beat from Tulsa if you buy far enough in advance, but you'd still have to change at Chicago O'Hare and then backtrack to Springfield, which strikes me as just slightly insane.)

Of course, regular readers know I'd just as soon drive, even all the way to Philly, but that's a different issue entirely.

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Relying on the airlines for economic development in places that need it, is kind of like relying on the railroads for same, back before airports.

Of course, this comes from someone who has said, and still believes, that the best thing that could happen to Fairbanks, Alaska in terms of economic development, would be for the Alaska Railroad to finally link up with the rest of North America.

But notice that, if they rely on the Alaska Railroad to just up and make the connection on its own initiative ... well, the railroad as it stands was completed over 80 years ago and it's still an island.

Oh -- we were talking about airlines, weren't we?

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