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5 October 2004

Got a right to disappear

Evan Williams put it this way:

It's been almost six years now since I started working on what became the company I sold to the company we started talking to two years ago because of the product we launched five years ago.

In other words: having decided that Blogger is in good hands, Ev will sever his ties to Google at the end of this week.

What's he going to do? Not sure:

[W]hile I think I'm likely to start another company sometime, I'm forcing myself to be non-committal at the moment. My goal is to develop some perspective, learn new things, rest, and explore (which, of course, will make me more certain that it will be the right thing if/when I do get around to starting something else). Not that I won't be doing things — I expect to do some "projects." I don't plan to disappear from the web or Internet or blogging (although, I'm not committing to anything, mind you). I still think it's an incredibly exciting time, and we've only scratched the surface. (Duh.)

And has there been a falling-out of some sort? Apparently not:

People often want to imagine a conflict. And, I guess if you consider how often acquisitions go horribly, it's not entirely unreasonable to assume. Unfortunately — I mean fortunately — I can't help fuel any "Google acquires company, kicks out founder" headlines. Google management pretty much let my team and I retain control of Blogger since we got there. For better or for worse, they trusted that we knew what we were doing and attempted to support it without screwing it up. There are always new issues to deal with when you trade your old ones in. But, all in all, they've been awesome. And leaving was entirely my decision. They even offered that I could start something else within the company, if I wanted.

The reason I'm leaving probably comes down to personality more than anything. I've just always been stubbornly independent-minded — even when it wasn't necessarily in my best interest.

Good luck, Ev.

(Tilt of the sombrero to Eric Siegmund.)

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