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8 October 2004

Have you matriculated today?

There's a new scholarship at Michigan State University, available to a student of color who qualifies as lesbian, bisexual, gay or transsexual. Lajoya Johnson, who arranged for the scholarship and is now raising funds for it, says she hopes the scholarship will help make more LBGT students of color want to come to East Lansing. (I always thought the abbreviation was GLBT, but then I'm out of the loop on matters of this sort.)

This sort of thing is fine with me; I mean, a perfunctory search through some schools' financial-aid offices will turn up scholarships with requirements even more specific than just being nonwhite and nonstraight, and I'm not about to complain about them. I did, however, find something odd in this comment by the university's LBGT rep:

There's a reality that for some students, if they choose to be out and open about their identity, often risk being cut off by their families of origin. The burden of tuition and room and board then falls solely on their shoulders.

Which is no doubt true, but: families of origin? Didn't all of us (Adam and Eve excepted) originate in families? What did I miss here?

Meanwhile, Dawn Eden proposes sauce for the gander:

I would love to start a scholarship for heterosexual students. With a 4.0 grade average, of course. There could be an underprivileged 16-year-old girl in Michigan right now who wants to go to MSU, but can't get a scholarship because she's attracted to boys. This injustice must stop.

I suspect this would go over better than, say, if I proposed to endow a chair in NASCAR Studies at Bryn Mawr, but the world continues to surprise me.

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