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8 October 2004

Melts in your mouth, not on your screen

Mike Horshead researches a question it didn't occur to you or me to ask: What is the correct pronunciation of M & M?

Don't laugh. This is undoubtedly a matter of serious interest in Hackettstown and along 8 Mile Road.

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As someone who lives not that far from Hackettstown (and several excellent nearby trout streams) I am happy to see that this somewhat frivolous letter was answered fully and completely by one of the fine staff working for M&M/Mars Candy Company.

I am old enough to remember the flap over red M&Ms (pronounced "em-an-ems" in these parts), which came along right about the same time as Pop Rocks exploding stomachs and BubbleYum being made with spiderwebs. Then there is the whole Van Halen episode which we won't go into...

Posted by: The Proprietor at 12:23 PM on 8 October 2004

My wee wifey used to commute from Chicago to Mars. If you check the schedule for the Metra commuter rail service, that is a listed commute. The official pronounciation is EMandems - emphasis on the first syllable. The "d" is minimal but shouldn't completely disappear.

Posted by: triticale at 6:25 PM on 10 October 2004