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8 October 2004

Barry calls a play from the sideline

Former OU football coach/demigod Barry Switzer has endorsed Brad Carson for Senate, an announcement which is far more important than I think it deserves to be; I was seriously thinking about not mentioning it here, but Wilson Research Strategies, which has been handicapping the Senate race, says that 16 percent of voters who chose Brad Henry for governor in 2002 said that Switzer's endorsement had influenced their choice. So Barry carries a lot of weight, even today; Chris Wilson of WRS says that "it's probably the second-best endorsement you could get, after Bob Stoops."

Bob Stoops had no comment, but John Hart of the Tom Coburn campaign sniffed, "Barry Switzer has a track record of endorsing liberal trial lawyers."

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After living in OKC for ten years, I still find politics (and other things) about that state fascinating!

I think you're right about Switzer. Barry Switzer is a GOD according to some around there. Is he the 400-pound gorilla of this heated election? Time will tell.

Posted by: Margi at 2:57 PM on 8 October 2004

The Coburn campaign has it wrong, Switzer himself said that if Carson was a liberal, Switzer wouldn't support him. He called me on the phone himself and said so(well, his recording did).

Posted by: Chris at 5:42 PM on 8 October 2004