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13 October 2004

Greens on the State Questions

What is most interesting, I think, about this list of Green Party positions on this fall's ballot initiatives, is that it's deliberately incomplete; on three of the nine State Questions, the party will "make no statement." J. M. Branum explains:

Those questions with "make no statement" were those for which we...could not reach consensus on what a Green stance on this measure should be.

Which is fine with me. There's no compelling reason why a political party should have a stance on every conceivable issue.

Mr Branum notes further:

One thing that was abundantly apparent in our discussions was how badly written the measure descriptions were and how absolutely ignorant the legislature must think Oklahoma voters must be.

He cites SQ 713 as a particularly heinous example, and indeed 713, which raises the tobacco tax while cutting the top rate of the income tax, is a powerful argument for the metaphor of legislation as sausage.

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