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13 October 2004

When activists attack

Vandals tagged Brad Carson's Tulsa campaign office at 1404 S. Utica with graffiti Sunday night; among the inscriptions were "Carson lies" and "Leave Tulsa alone" and, perhaps most horrifying, "liberal".

The vandalism was discovered Monday morning; campaign volunteers have been scraping off the graffiti.

"Froth on both sides of the aisle," I said.

Posted at 8:10 AM to Soonerland

<puts on tinfoil hat>

I think Bruce saw my comment on the earlier post and organized the whole thing himself.

<doffs tinfoil hat>

Posted by: McGehee at 10:15 AM on 13 October 2004

More seriously, though, from what you've been saying about the polls, it supports my view that fanatics become more unhinged when their side is losing.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:16 AM on 13 October 2004