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17 October 2004

Where the tolerance is

An observation from Greg over in Denmark:

For good or ill, the secular west has bitchslapped Christianity and Judaism into submission. I was very close friends in Los Angeles with a woman who described herself as a "fundamentalist" Christian. She knew I was (at best) an agnostic. I once said, without thinking, that I thought the Gospels were one of the most beautiful myths of the western inheritance. My friend smiled at me indulgently and said that although she didn't consider it mythology, herself, she was at least gratified that I could see the beauty of her religion. I was mortified and apologized for my insensitivity. Then I asked if it bothered her that I wasn't Christian.

"It doesn't bother me," she said, "but I sure do pray for you!"

And I knew she meant that literally. She prayed every day, and somewhere in those prayers, sometimes, was a prayer that God might see fit to bringing me around to her (my friend's) point of view.

Does this sound like the reaction of "self appointed stuck up assholes with crosses stuffed up [their] asses"?

Compare and contrast:

I think it's safe to say that a lot of Muslims don't seem to want to play ball. They don't seem willing to subjugate their religion to... anything. It's Mohammad's way or the highway.

But in our marvelously tolerant namby-mamby western ways, we're all bending over backwards to accommodate some of these monsters. I don't understand why. Look at the mockery directed by western intellectuals toward Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and other evangelizing western Christians. Why aren't evangelizing Muslims subjected to the same derision?

Oh, wait, I remember... I think there was something about it in that book by Salman Rushdie...

Actually, Falwell and Robertson, often as not, deserve that derision, owing to their prodigious, maybe even God-given talent for absurd pronouncements. Still, Christian evangelicals as a group are viewed with suspicion by the More Secular Than Thou crowd — but God forbid we should fail to understand and appreciate Muslims.

(Via Debbye Stratigacos, who has been much missed these many months.)

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» Sticking up for the bigots from Dan and Angi Have Something to Say
Charles is sticking up for me and others who are "(insert expletive here) with crosses stuck up our (insert expletive here)" -- Note- there is ACTUAL PROFANITY in the linked entry. (And you can go to the source of the......[read more]

Funny, I think fundamentalist muslims are assholes with bombs stuck up their asses.

You miss the point again chaz.

Nice try though.

Posted by: bruce at 11:57 PM on 19 October 2004

"Well, it's all right if I hate them, because I hate these other guys too."

Thanks for playing. We have lovely parting gifts for you.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:43 AM on 20 October 2004

Yeah, its called consistency, I know you know what it means, so stop pretending you don't.

We could play phrase games all day long, but it wasn't me that threw up that nasty little strawman with my blog linked to it.

I clarified my position. I do not in any way condone muslim fundamentalists. I look at it this way. You never really know if a dog is going to bite you until you provoke it. You've been going off on this bit about Muslims and Christians, hinting that Christians are "better" because they are not running around blowing up buildings. Sure, fair enough. But I see the potential violence in the fundamentalist Christians. I've seen many that relish the war for its brutality while they "pray for you" and wish you a good day.

You don't seem to want to acknowledge that people can be incredibly magnanimous from positions of power. Right now, the U.S. and its Christian population holds all the cards, economic power, military power and world influence. There is no need to act like a dog backed into a corner unless you really are.

The fruit of fundamentalist thought, whether it falls from a Christian or Muslim tree bears the potential for violence. I think its telling, that even from such a position of power that there are Christian fundies that are pushing for greater violence.

I could just as easily track down an example of a Muslim being a good guy and a Evangelical being a bastard, but what would that prove, nothing, just like your post.

Posted by: bruce at 11:16 PM on 20 October 2004

Nice spin. Actually, your opinion on things Islamic wasn't at issue at all; your insistence that I take it into account is simply a CYA maneuver.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:20 AM on 21 October 2004

No need to cover my ass CG. Nothing changes the fact that not even your cleverness can mask your growing tendency to advance deficient arguments.

"Still, Christian evangelicals as a group are viewed with suspicion by the More Secular Than Thou crowd but God forbid we should fail to understand and appreciate Muslims."

What a shame you even felt the need to type such utter crap. Even more so when you link to an article full of secondhand accounts. On FrontPage even?!?!

Posted by: bruce at 10:17 PM on 21 October 2004