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18 October 2004

Limits to the technology

I pay most of my bills through my bank's online facility, though one-shots (medical stuff, subscription renewals, that sort of thing) are better handled by old-fashioned checks, since it's a pain in the neck to set up new payees in the system.

Moira Breen has noticed, down there in the fine print, that there are other bills not suitable for online payments:

Additional payments not allowed by Bill Payer include court-ordered payments such as alimony, child support, and speeding tickets, non-U.S. payees, or terrorists. Payments for Municipal Utilities are permitted.

"Guess you still have to make your payments to terrorists via the old-fashioned check or money order method," says Moira. I wonder if the same limitations apply in France.

Posted at 8:16 AM to Dyssynergy

How am I going to pay those terrorist spammers for the Stinger missiles they want to sell me?

Does anyone else get "Want to be a terrorist?" spam? I don't understand it.

Posted by: Dan at 9:15 AM on 18 October 2004