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18 October 2004

From a lengthy brief

Chess grandmaster and general nudnik Bobby Fischer would like you to know that — um, well, this:

"I wear size 14 wide shoe. Just keep that in mind when you say I'm not a dreamboat, or not Mr. Right."

To hammer the point home, so to speak:

[Miyoko] Watai [Fischer's fiancée] had finished soaking in the therapeutic waters and was waiting in the lobby for him to come out of the men's section of the spring they had visited.

While there, Watai overhead a conversation "between two Japanese geezers," as Fischer referred to them, who had been marveling over the enormity of the male organ they spotted on a fellow bather.

When Fischer walked out of the hot spring's change room, the two men apparently pointed at the chess genius, said simultaneously, "Hey, that's him," to indicate who they had been talking about, and caused much embarrassment for his lover.

A couple of reminders from the real world:

(1) I wear a size 14 wide shoe. It doesn't mean a damned thing.

(2) There are grave risks in leaving the king unprotected.

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I think the operative word here is "enormity," if , as in chess, one goes by the appropriate reference book--in this case, the dictionary.

Posted by: Dawn Eden at 12:23 PM on 18 October 2004

Given Fischer's tendency to issue threats, I wouldn't be at all surprised. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 12:51 PM on 18 October 2004