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21 October 2004

Post-season trend-spotting

As everybody except John Kenneth Galbraith, who must have been out of town, noted last night, the Boston Red Sox last won a World Series in 1918. This revelation packed enough of a punch to obscure the fact that the Bosox have appeared in no fewer than four World Series since the end of World War I. How did they do?

    1946 World Series — St. Louis 4, Boston 3
    1967 World Series — St. Louis 4, Boston 3
    1975 World Series — Cincinnati 4, Boston 3
    1986 World Series — NY Mets 4, Boston 3

This might not be a bad time to pick the [fill in name of National League club] in seven.

(Via Plum Crazy, "Home of the Vast Yankees Astros Cardinals Conspiracy.")

(Updated as deemed appropriate.)

Posted at 9:02 PM to Dyssynergy

This also might not be a bad time to play a little numerology that has gotten this household to where we are now:

Since we went to game seven, and we watched every single minute of every single game, my husband, a life-long fan, uttered a Bosox batter's name seven times under his breath every time he came up to bat. Now, the last time they won a series was 1918. This is 2004. Add the digits of the first date, then add the digits of the second. Add both results together. Then add the two digits of that result together. The answer is seven.

Now add the digits of each result that you listed for the win/loss years; i.e. the score each year was 4-3. Total? Seven.

Four years in the World Series, every year's score is 4-3. Add them. Seven times four is twenty-eight, divided by four is SEVEN.

This is October 2004. 10/2004. Add 'em up.

There are 25 guys on the roster.

Boston won the right to play in the Series on 10/20/04.

Of course, should they sweep the Cards, the parade has already been slated in Boston for Friday, 10/29/04. Add 'em up then add the two results again.

PS (After the Sox win the series I'll go get a life again).

Posted by: Vickie at 5:29 AM on 22 October 2004

LOL. I was just about to tell you to update the post for the latest switch in conspiracies.

Having said that, expect an entry from me later today on how it would not, in fact, be the end of the world if the Red Sox win the World Series. Not just that, but it would be an interesting shift in baseball fan dynamics.

Posted by: Lesley at 8:14 AM on 22 October 2004

1946 World Series — First WS to be played with all teams back at full strength after WWII

1967 World Series — Bosox? Meet Bob Gibson...

1975 World Series — Many people's choice for Best. World. Series. Ever. But the Big Red Machine lives up to its nickname.

1986 World Series — Boston makes it to the Series by virtue of a different Curse (that afflicting Gene Mauch) only to meet the best Mets team ever assembled.

Posted by: The Proprietor at 10:33 AM on 22 October 2004