The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 October 2004

Delayed follow-ups

Some things get shoved onto the back burner around here and eventually disappear behind the backsplash, never to be found again unless I'm browsing the referrer logs and suddenly I'm seized by the shock of recognition — or, alternatively, if someone writes in and asks "So whatever happened to [subject], anyway?"

No credit for guessing which is which.

  • Daniel Fears, then a teenager, had been accused of a shooting spree in Sallisaw two years ago; Fears, now twenty, was convicted on all counts in the Sequoyah County Court. Formal sentencing will be in December; the jury recommended two life sentences without parole for the murders, eight life sentences for shooting with intent to kill, ten years for feloniously pointing a firearm, a life sentence for discharging a firearm with intent to kill and 120 years for the five charges of drive-by shooting.

  • The return of the Yugo has been delayed; Malcolm Bricklin, when last heard from, said that exports to the US from Zastava Motor Works will not begin until 2005.

  • The Tulsa Philharmonic, which disbanded (sorry) in the fall of 2002, is still dead.

  • Then-Representative Leonard Sullivan, one of the prime movers in the effort to get the North Canadian River renamed, got some of his wish granted: the seven-mile stretch closest to downtown is now called the Oklahoma River. Sullivan, incidentally, is now the Oklahoma County assessor.

  • To my knowledge, Susanna Cornett never did come up with a signature lingerie line.

If there's any other topic I started on and didn't finish, please advise.

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