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26 October 2004

Paging Ernst Stavro Blofeld

A 527 operation called Citizens for a Strong Senate, largely funded by San Francisco Bay bankers Herb and Marion Sandler, is running some anti-Tom Coburn ads locally, and one of them wound up in my mailbox. Listing a series of issues Coburn reputedly voted against during his six years in the House, the ad characterizes the physician as Dr. No.

Pity they couldn't get Ursula Andress for the ads.

(Comments about "fighting in the trenches" will be summarily deleted.)

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Let's follow the logic here.

If you want to get elected, vote FOR every spending bill and AGAINST every tax increase, a la congressman porky.

Posted by: Dan at 10:08 AM on 27 October 2004

A Congressman's definition of pork, generally, is "any government project that isn't in my district." Coburn, during his six years in the House, dropped the last five words.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:11 AM on 27 October 2004